Washington, DC Apartments


Is this property based on my income?

No. The property is governed by the rules and regulations of low-income housing; therefore, rents are set based on a percentage of the area median income, and not on an individual's income.

Does the property accept housing vouchers?

Yes, the property accepts DC Housing Vouchers.

Does the property currently have a waiting list?

The property has a waiting list for the one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

Does the property accept co-signers?

Due to the income qualification process, the property is unable to accept co-signers.

Do all occupants have to be listed on the lease?

Yes. All household members must be listed on the application. Additional occupants over the age of 18 must fill out a separate rental application and pay applicable fees.

How does the property verify an applicant's income?

Income is verified using a combination of bank statements, pay-stubs, verification of employment, and verification of any other income that pertains to an applicant's household.

What information should an applicant bring when applying?

  • Last two months of pay-stubs for any occupant over the age of 18
  • Social Security Card(s) for all occupants
  • Birth certificate(s) for all occupants
  • State issued ID(s) for all occupants
  • $25 application fee, in the form of a money order
  • $100 holding fee